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Wall Art

Wall gallery design for  Stinsman Photography ’s client.

Wall gallery design for Stinsman Photography’s client.


Custom Wall Galleries

Do you have blank space in your home and have no idea what to do? We can design full galleries for your home. We offer custom framed prints, wood prints, canvas and stretched canvas framed. We can use one of our stock rooms or your own room. Here is how we can use your room to size:

  • Tape a normal letter sized paper (8.5x11) to the spot on the wall that you would like to start your gallery.

  • Step back and take a cell phone photo in a landscape/horizontal view. make sure to include your surroundings.

  • email us the photo and we can start a few designs that we can adjust during your design appointment.

It’s that easy!

Large Wall Pieces

Have a limited area but want it filled appropriately? We can make sure the size is perfect with our design software. Same instructions as above.

Super easy!

30x20 wall art piece for  Stinsman Photography ’s client

30x20 wall art piece for Stinsman Photography’s client

Samples of framed corners will be added soon! Check back!

8x10 and larger wall art pieces start at $295. Please inquire for a full pricing list.

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